Alexie Aaron: writing, being a writer.

The following is a comment made on Face Book by a friend, Alexie Aaronabout writers and writing. I think it is the most beautiful description of a writer that I have ever rear. Alexie, you rock! Thanks for the following.

“I wonder if those words spoken to, or read for the first time, were the catalyst for the spark that lit the fire within us. To write and tell a story the way each of us does is a gift and a responsibility. We sometimes toil hours with an idea, or even just one sentence, not knowing if anyone beyond us will ever read our words. We do it for love. The love of bringing to light the world that resides inside our heads.

It does not matter if we have a happy ending or a soulful gasp. What matters is that we put these thoughts on paper. So keep writing my friends. Keep taking us to the secret corners of your mind. Be brave. Tempt fate and above all enjoy.”

Life is Good!
Alexie Aaron

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