The Pelman Murders Update

Just a note to all readers in Part Two, I just added additional chapters instead of opening up Part Three. This way you will have more reading up through Chapter 54. Part Two before only went to Chapter 43 I believe. I added 56 pages of material deciding to do that instead of waiting and doing Part Three.  Part Three is coming, but I am tired and falling asleep while editing as I am not resting well at night time.

Keep in mind that Part Two has to cycle back in and it takes 24 hours for it to do that, so you may be denied access until then. There is nothing wrong. I just added more to Part Two. The book itself is about 521 pages long and I am trying to reduce that. Currently on Kindle in combining Part One and Part Two there are now 289 pages.

Thank you all again for reading. I am looking forward to comments and hope you have a nice day.

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