Just thinking.

Just sitting here and thinking about life. I wonder about all the people I have known over the years. I let them drift through my thoughts in a slow moving slideshow. Some of my memories are sad and some happy. I guess that’s normal. At least I hope it’s normal.

I just learned the other day that a guy I worked with years ago had died of a heart attack. I hope it was while he was fishing as he loved fishing. He was a bastard in many ways, temperamental, known for an extremely bad temper, a bar fighter, and someone who was not only not to be trusted but someone I will always remember.

I’m simply mentioning Steve as he was a standout, but there were lots of standouts. I’m thinking of him only because I just recently learned of his death, and it will be a strange world to think that he is no longer in it.

Maybe I should try to catalog all of them. I could definitely write a book about the people that I knew when I worked at Scotty’s Home Builders Supply. I could write about the bowling team and all the fistfights that took place in the bowling alley and local restaurants and bars. I could write about the tangled relationships between the men and women who work there. It was very colorful place.

It’s late and I need my sleep. But my thoughts remain on all the people that I have known and know.


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