The Pelman Murders – Conclusion

The final chapters of The Pelman Murders are now on Kindle. In this section there are more creative deaths, strangulation, falling down stairs, falling off a porch while being electrocuted, and two decapitations. Family blood lines are revealed. Sisters and brothers are united. A love affair is started. A man who thought he could not have children finds he actually is a father, and more. Time to read! Margaret Holman is searching for a giant mouse and finds instead two giant rats. Jewel and Riff do their best to assist Marty, plus …. who killed David Evnowith? How good are you at following bread crumbs?


Yes, it is true, even cookies have birthdays, The Oreo is 100 years old today. You can check out the celebrations at Kraft Kitchens. Looking for inspiration or recipes you can find both plus a lot more at Kraft Kitchens where the Oreo actually has a headquarters location. So, congratulations to the Oreo at 100, we should all be so good lookin’ and milk dripping, dipping great at that age. Just think age 100 and still people are sucking on them.

Purple Nights – Revised

I went back over the poem several times and decided it could be better, so, here is the new version. I hope everyone likes it.


March 6, 2012

Copyright 2012 by Gordon Kuhn

All rights reserved.


She sat alone in the cool darkness,

alone on a leather bench seat,

in a tavern where she used to meet

a chosen, special friend.

That was after the beginning, and before the end,

before the birth of the lonely starkness

before the sudden chilling darkness.

Now …  purple nights dominate the day

for her love had failed to stay,

but left her alone in the silent darkness.

Alone with the cold and lonely starkness

of purple nights left to dominate the day.