I received an email with the following comments, all of which are fantastic.

Dear Mr. Kuhn,

I thought you would like to know how I came about reading The Pelman Murders. My mother lives in Bradenton Florida and it was on a day that her and her gentleman friend(John) were having lunch at Bob Evens in Bradenton. You had approched them because John was wearing his Iwo Jima survivor hat. The converstion lead to the fact that you were a retired Marine and my mothers late husband was also a retired Marine. She had mentioned to me that you had mentioned you were a writer and that you had a murder mystery on the Kindle.

Well I just want to tell you I live in Northwest Indiana and have read both installments and I am hooked. I cannot wait til the next installment comes out. I already have in my mind what Marty looks like and Michael not to mention their creepy mother. I have also passed on to my friends about this mystery. I am a big reader of mystery and horror so this fit right in with my genre.

Thanks again for approching them otherwise I would have never known about it, I cannot wait to read the next installment.


Marisa Simon

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