March 19, 2012

Copyright 2012 Gordon Kuhn

Poet in the Rain Productions

What capsule is this which surrounds me now?

What obscurity blurs the present sadly seen?

That life is as though a shadow drawn,

Beyond some clouded window pane,

As viewed down a distant rain-swept lane,

Where all the wishes of a lifetime now lay as pitied refuse

Piled at my feet for not following the path given and shown

I failed to heed the signs as daily errant labor lay

Sublime and seduced my mind to wander and pray not stay

In proper nature, as others were wise to do.

And now the history in ending August chill

While fall comes as blame is cast before me there.

Dying leaves as shadows fall upon the lawn of life.

For failure to see or to understand the gift past given

And as a knife plunged deep within my heart

Sorrows tumble as blood droplets by the score for failure to ignore

The wisps of lightly scented false wishes that led astray

That pulled me from life’s purposeful and plain desire

T’was sinister delusions most grandeur that misled me to this day

And yet, and yet, I would surely wish it no other way.


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