Yesterday was filled with running around completing errands. I wanted to write.

Poems were popping up everywhere I went.

Thank God for friends who understand me when I drop into trance like states from low blood sugar sessions and for those who make me laugh (Julieanna, Tony, Cheryl and so many others) and bring light to my sometimes dark thoughts.

I want to thank the 40 who follow me here on the blog and the more than 170 who follow on Twitter. I may not say it in daily passing but I’m glad you are here. So, thanks for taking the time to read what I have to say and welcome to another day.

I’m working on taxes. Yep. Taxes. I let my license as a CPA go several years back but I still do taxes for a few friends and, or course, our own. I may write something later on today but I am trying to stay focused (uh huh) on the damn taxes right now. Yep. Taxes. Gotta do them. Got yours done? I don’t. Gotta do them.

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