I’ve not been up to writing much these past few days. The reason simply is that I’m still processing a friend’s death. I didn’t expect it to bother me as much as it has. The cancer was aggressive and reduced him to probably 100 pounds of skin and bone. I’ve seenĀ  death before. That’s not the problem. The problem is dealing with the frustration of knowing that it was a needless death brought about by the incompetency of the medical professional who was overseeing his medical care at the VA. That plus the rude and callous attitude of the clerk at the regional offices. So tomorrow night there is a viewing followed by a celebration of life followed by food being served at his cousin’s house. It’ll be good to see mutual friends but sad in remembering and missing our friend. So once this is passed I will be back to writing and posting so just please bear with me for the next few days..