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Creative Splurges

Working, as I do, in the middle of London, one of the world’s most vibrant and varied cities, it theoretically doesn’t take much for me to get some interesting photos. All I should need to do is bring my camera to work, and then go for a walk at lunchtime.

It isn’t always that simple. For a start I’m obviously limited to somewhere I can get to and back from within an hour, allowing time for shooting. That’s difficult. I often shoot excessively to see what comes out which means I like to not have time constraints – not to mention I obviously also need to eat at some point during that hour. Then, of course, there is always the luck of the light with whatever you’re trying to photograph..

Sometimes, however, it all comes together. Last Friday two friends from work and I (Catherine and Simon – the same…

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March 9, 2012

Copyright 2012 Gordon Kuhn

Poet in the Rain Productions, Alpaca Junction, Inc.


It was just a mile’s ride from Sunday

Somewhere along about mid-Monday

When boiling passions freely loosely broke

And in a simple damning violent stroke

Destroyed that which had taken years to build

And left holes and gaps never likely to be filled

Gashes ripped far too large to be able to repair

Scars left forever where loved once died in despair

And he went his way

And she went her way

And they forgot about the happy one days they shared many times before

Once shared before that terrible Monday when they both walked out the door.



Does the U.S. have the right to kill American Citizens without due process? No!

I do not believe that the United States Government has the right to kill an American anywhere at anytime just because it doesn’t like the politics of that individual. The order by Obama to kill al-Awlaki was illegal and immoral. Plus Obama’s actions killed al-Awlaki’s sixteen year old son that riding in the car with al-Awlaki. The Constitution (which Obama doesn’t believe has anything to do with today and he wants to get rid of it) states it does not authorize the killing of an American unless that American has been given due process and al-Awlaki never was. Furthermore, he never admitted to any involvement in actions against the U.S.. Yes, he ran his mouth a lot, but unlike Osama he never admitted to killing Americans, he just hated us (unless you were a Muslim). Osama also was not an American. al-Awaki and his son were.

The Pelman Murders – Conclusion

The final chapters of The Pelman Murders are now on Kindle. In this section there are more creative deaths, strangulation, falling down stairs, falling off a porch while being electrocuted, and two decapitations. Family blood lines are revealed. Sisters and brothers are united. A love affair is started. A man who thought he could not have children finds he actually is a father, and more. Time to read! Margaret Holman is searching for a giant mouse and finds instead two giant rats. Jewel and Riff do their best to assist Marty, plus …. who killed David Evnowith? How good are you at following bread crumbs?


Yes, it is true, even cookies have birthdays, The Oreo is 100 years old today. You can check out the celebrations at Kraft Kitchens. Looking for inspiration or recipes you can find both plus a lot more at Kraft Kitchens where the Oreo actually has a headquarters location. So, congratulations to the Oreo at 100, we should all be so good lookin’ and milk dripping, dipping great at that age. Just think age 100 and still people are sucking on them.

Purple Nights – Revised

I went back over the poem several times and decided it could be better, so, here is the new version. I hope everyone likes it.


March 6, 2012

Copyright 2012 by Gordon Kuhn

All rights reserved.


She sat alone in the cool darkness,

alone on a leather bench seat,

in a tavern where she used to meet

a chosen, special friend.

That was after the beginning, and before the end,

before the birth of the lonely starkness

before the sudden chilling darkness.

Now …  purple nights dominate the day

for her love had failed to stay,

but left her alone in the silent darkness.

Alone with the cold and lonely starkness

of purple nights left to dominate the day.




March 6, 2012

Copyright 2012 by Gordon Kuhn

All rights reserved.

She sat alone in the cool darkness,

alone on a leather bench seat,

in a tavern where she used to meet

a friend, before the birth of the lonely starkness.

Now purple nights dominate the day

for her love had failed to stay,

but left her alone in the darkness.

Alone with the cold and lonely starkness

of purple nights left to dominate the day.

Just thinking.

Just sitting here and thinking about life. I wonder about all the people I have known over the years. I let them drift through my thoughts in a slow moving slideshow. Some of my memories are sad and some happy. I guess that’s normal. At least I hope it’s normal.

I just learned the other day that a guy I worked with years ago had died of a heart attack. I hope it was while he was fishing as he loved fishing. He was a bastard in many ways, temperamental, known for an extremely bad temper, a bar fighter, and someone who was not only not to be trusted but someone I will always remember.

I’m simply mentioning Steve as he was a standout, but there were lots of standouts. I’m thinking of him only because I just recently learned of his death, and it will be a strange world to think that he is no longer in it.

Maybe I should try to catalog all of them. I could definitely write a book about the people that I knew when I worked at Scotty’s Home Builders Supply. I could write about the bowling team and all the fistfights that took place in the bowling alley and local restaurants and bars. I could write about the tangled relationships between the men and women who work there. It was very colorful place.

It’s late and I need my sleep. But my thoughts remain on all the people that I have known and know.


Oooops, I didn’t tell what “funny” thing I wrote for the Sarasota Creative Writer’s meeting. Here goes.



Gordon Kuhn

Copywrite 9/17/2010

We met her in the month of May

she opted to only up and stay

a month with a trusted, winsome friend

who lived near our closed-in street’s end


then summer came and still she stayed

her plans she said had been delayed

yet our friends nerves were getting frayed

he felt that he was being played


for a fool some of us had said

his bank account was being bled

and soon he’d be financially dead

but Emily fearless upon his back did tred


then came a night in early September fall

when voices raised and dishes crashed against a wall

with Emily’s speech being the loudest of them all

and neighbors pondered if someone the law should call


but instead we waited for morning’s burst of light

then out we all went to survey the scene of the fight

and found our friend with smile so bright

a mound of turned soil tamped down quite tight


He smiled, wiped sweat from his brow, and happy said

“It’s okay, she really is quite dead.”

then police came later on to lightly tred

upon the spot where Emily had bled


they took our friend away that day

for a long-term quiet hospital stay

regarding Emily was all tight lipped they’d say

but failed, somehow, to take her corpse away


instead she was left buried beneath the old oak tree

the mound was tamped down quite tight, but plain enough to see

years passed and we, regarding Emily, came looking for that ancient tree

and found the street a golf course now, and Emily beneath the very first tee.


Sarasota Creative Writers Group Meeting

We held our meeting last night at the Fruitville Road library in Sarasota, FL. It is one of the many writing groups I belong to and I am actively seeking others.

I think writing groups can be helpful. They are great places to meet new people and to learn new ideas at or to refresh old ideas.Plus it is a great place for marketing ideas. Writers need to learn how to market. Most of us don’t have a clue in that department and are waiting for someone to come along and “discover” us. Well, I’m still waiting. How about you?

Last night we had a small group. The assigned task was to write something “funny”. Unfortunately, I never know where my writing is going to go and many times I will shoot for funny and wind up with, hmm, should I say odd.  LOL.

Nevertheless, the group members had some great articles and poems they had written and I think it was a good evening.