Copyright 2011 Gordon Kuhn

Poet in the Rain

April 2, 2012



The moments passed in three-quarter time.

The family drifted slowly in and stood in a line.

The ticking of the clock became the design,

For the watchers to follow as pools formed a hollow,

And eyes sank in liquid seeking release from the torment.

While death lay so close we were prone to stay.

Just seconds surrounded that which seemed so far away

Seconds that led to a following day

Your eyes sank and became pools of hollow

And then in a flash your life ended on the morrow.

Your life ended but left behind an empty sorrow.


2 responses to “LEFT BEHIND”

  1. I would think Ed would be honored by what you have written. He hasn’t left you behind, he is still around and you will see him in the oddest places, McDonalds, walking the dogs, washing the car,
    whatever you manage to get into, something will remind you of him. He lives in you, your memories
    shared and apart, your lives entertwined forever. May God comfort you, Jan, and his Family in this loss. Lovingly, S.


  2. A good prayer for left to listen.


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