Copyright 2012 Gordon Kuhn

Poet in the Rain

April 16, 2012




Long night, silver threads dot and lace across the dark.

Lighting the way for shadows to in silence out and play,

Among the bush rough and prickly, amid branch thick and stark,

As I lie in watch and hope awake I’ll be able this night to sleepless stay,

Until the break of day leaves its promised coming mark

And nightmares close to me and go their tortuous way.

Long night, before the coming of the expected day.

Biggest moon cruising there that I have ever seen,

Moving always, slow in motion, will not, cannot stay.

No clouds, clear sky, bright, open, starlit clean.

Thunder warning, distant coming, draws my gaze away

To the distant shores of morning where aborning the coming problems lay.

Yet in truth they always were and never had been and nothing new were they,

While clouds in forming, storming, bring forth a rain to wash the tears away.


  1. Good use of the “ay” verbiage – good flow –


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