ehancock commented on Obama’s attorney court admission birth certificate is a forgery.

Obama’s lawyer never said any such thing.

This is a birther reporter’s made-up claim. A search of the transcript and a full view of the video shows that she never uses the words “forgery” or “forged”—or anything like them. This is actually very bad for the birther cause. People will realize that if they make up quotations the are capable of lying about anything.

Four officials in Hawaii (three of them in a Republican governor’s administration and the current director of heralth) have stated in writing repeatedly that they saw the original long form birth certificate in the files.

In addition, the existence of a long form birth certificate in 1961 is further confirmed by the birth notices in the Hawaii newspapers. At the time the birth notices for the section of the paper called “Health Bureau Statistics”–which is where Obama’s birth notice appeared—were only sent by the DOH of Hawaii, and the DOH only sent those notices for births in Hawaii.

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