Copyright 2012 Gordon Kuhn

April 22, 2012

Gordon L Kuhn, Poet In The Rain Productions


I got them early morning blues.

Yeah, I woke to find the trouble I thought had done gone away.

I thought I’d left it sitting at the bar while I was out partying.

To my surprise it had come home with me and planned to stay

Sailed right home with me when I wasn’t looking.

From the night before, along with a hangover for my sins for me pay.

Oh lord! Two headaches for the price of one.

What sort of sin did I do to deserve this?

Did I wrong my neighbor someway?

Did I not pay the bartender when I staggered away?

I woke to find it hadmoved in, while I was not lookin’

A man can’t even pass out on his own couch,

Without waking to find a whole world of pain waitin’ just for him


It moved right in. It moved right in.

Brought its own bags,

Came with its own dirty laundry,

And a mother-in-law!

A big, fat mother-in-law.

Early in the day,

They had come to stay.

Left me with this headache

There laying on the couch

Teach me not to mix

Tequila and beer, never no more;

And they took my car keys

Right outa my pocket

Drove off in my Cadillac

And that’s a fact with mother-in-law driving

With a butt so big no one else can fit on the front seat

I don’t recall invitin’ no one home last night

I don’t recall given them the keys to my Cadillac

Instead I woke to find all this trouble

I was sure had gone away.

My life is never gonna be the same.

I got them early morning blues.



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