UPDATE: Good morning blues now is EARLY MORNING BLUES.


Copyright 2012 Gordon Kuhn

April 22, 2012

Gordon L Kuhn, Poet In The Rain Productions


I got them early morning blues.

Yeah, I woke to find the trouble I thought had done gone away.

I thought I’d left it sitting at the bar when I strolled off to sneak away

While I was out partying. I had no intent on it comin’ here to stay

To my surprise it had come home with me and planned to stay

Sailed right home with me when I wasn’t looking.

From the night before, along with a hangover for my sins for me to pay.

Oh lord! Two headaches for the price of one.

I got them early morning blues.

What sort of sin did I do to deserve this?

Did I wrong my neighbor someway?

Did I not pay the bartender when I staggered away?

I woke to find it hadmoved in, while I was not lookin’!

I got them early morning blues.

A man can’t even pass out on his own couch today,

Without waking to find a whole world of pain waitin’ just for him.

Yes. I do believe.

I got them early morning blues.

Damn if it didn’t moved right in. It moved right in!

Didn’t ask! Stepped right over me. Just moved right in.

Brought its own bags, it did.

Came with its own dirty laundry,

And draggin’ a mother-in-law!

A big, fat, ugly mother-in-law.

With hairy legs and bushes underarms.

Early in the day.

Way too early in the day.

They had come to stay.

Left me with this headache,

There lying on the couch,

With a pack of BC powder and an empty glass

Didn’t I ask for water?

I got them early morning blues.

That’ll teach me not to never mix

Tequila and beer, never, never no more;

And they took my car keys,

Right outa my pocket

Drove off in my Cadillac.

And that’s a fact … with mother-in-law driving

With a butt so big no one else can fit on the front seat

I don’t recall invitin’ no one home last night

I don’t recall given them the keys to my Cadillac

Instead I woke to find all this trouble

I was sure had gone away.

My life is never gonna be the same.

I got them early morning blues.




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