There are two significant events in life that are the ones which only really matter. They are birth and death. Class dismissed.

I recall seeing grand parents laid out in caskets and the family all in tears. The funeral home was hot as the furnace was on. Snow blanketed the cemetery. Young ones were pushed and pulled and shoved into seats and told to be quiet while older family members spoke, sang, cried. Such somber scenes. No humor. No celebration of life. The song Ava Maria sung. The minister speaking of life hereafter and redemption from out sins. What sins? Eternal damnation if I asked too much, pried to much, dared to question even a little. Yet, with a smile I was told I had free will. (Just don’t use it young man or you’ll be toast!) Oh, how wonderful. Anyway, I sit an wonder about all the people I come across during the day and those I don’t ever meet up with as well. Hmm. I think, are they real? Maybe this is just a figment of my imagination. Hello??? Are you real out there??? Don’t answer as I”m going to worry that I’m really answering myself.

Today, just three miles away, a pickup truck lost control at SR 70 S. Bound ramp to I-75. Two young men in their twenties without seat belts on were tossed out of the PU like toy dolls. One dead at the scene, the other was sent out with a helicopter trying to get him to a trauma facility. So, the one died at the scene. Picture showed the truck with a white sheet covering a body about 50 feet away. One never knows when it might suddenly be lights out … permanently. So, eat you cheerios and drink your milk because Santa Claus doesn’t exist, at least not as advertized. I found that out at the age of 10, or was it 9. Does it matter? The interesting thing about Santa Clause if more of a question that an answer. I’ll explain later as my head is about to burst now with all these thoughts that do not matter.

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