Copyright 2012 Gordon Kuhn

Poet in the Rain, Productions




T’was a party years back that I went to one night,

When half way through, with no moon, someone turned out the light,

Which caused horrid confusion and brought on true fright,

As no one could find the keg for lack of good sight.

It was morning before its location was found,

By then the beer had all leaked into the ground,

And left behind a most happy ant hill mound.

Carpenter critters who wandered and staggered around,

While above them there was a weeping and mournful sound.

And in great depression the thirsty did the earth then angry pound

And smashed all the ants that were drunk staggering found.

The lamenting was so loud and incredibly profound

The neighbors who closely lived were all most confound.

But I had sensed and seen the problem before the spill,

And made sure I had enough in my pocket to pay forward the bill,

And went strolling alone down to where the keg would later sadly empty stay

And purchased another for myself on the particular day.

And did not share it with anyone, nay, not another … as it was my special birthing day.

There had been no cake, no cards, flowers, or even a birthday toast,

Even though it was my party and I was the host,

So, sure it was that for me the spare keg was of little cost

And I sat and drank sips and waved at the fishes who were not visibly lost,

But swam in the shallows along the beach near the sea,

Just the fishes, an ice cold pony keg, a bag of chips, and a very happy me.

April 25, 2012

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