The day is sadly approaching where there will be only one history and it will contain nothing, no reflection, no belief, no pride, nothing. It will be an emptiness like none other ever has been or will be. There will be no marriage, no personal freedoms, just a collective. It has been tried before and failed, but still they come at us and want to injure the society at large and subjugate us to the minorities whim. It is a classic function of  history that proves the minority rules the majority. Every dictator is only one man. One person that controls the destiny of his nation. It has happened countless times and yet we allow it to continue and it will be the doom that destroys the future. You can scoff at me. You can disagree with me. And, you can deny it when it happens but I’m telling you it is happening all around us. The forces are in full play now to destroy the U.S. economy and all the freedoms we’ve enjoyed over the years. Don’t believe me? Go to an airport. Go anywhere. Cameras on street corners, in buildings, at Disney Land, everywhere. Think you are not being watched? Those who wish us to not be free are winning. Those who wish us to not have a history as a people are winning. The history books are being rewritten. Instead of being the only nation on earth with a free economy and freedom of religion and the right to live where you want, to speak your mind, to have hope, to go where you want when you want. It is going, going, going, gone. And yet they continue to destroy. Occupy now! And our leaders support them. What insanity is this. Khrushchev said once in a speech that Russia didn’t have to win in a war against us, we would destroy ourselves and that is exactly what is happening. We have idiots and crooks running pur country. Joe Biden? What a pathetic joke. He’s the VP for God’s sake. Oh, sorry, I suppose I just offended someone who doesn’t like the word God. Now it is supposed to be written g-d. Damn sure don’t want to upset a vandal out there who wants us to all live as they want and not as we were set up to live as … FREE.

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