Copyright 2012 Gordon Kuhn

Poet in the Rain Productions


I’m talking about change!

My brothers and sisters of the Union cloth,

of the poor man’s burden,

of the welfare payroll,

those of you who are hurting

who don’t believe in working

who believe some other should pay your way.

I’m taking it from those who have,

for they shouldn’t have,

for what gave them the right

to accumulate,

what gave them the right,

to speculate,

what gave them the right

to invest?

And I’m givng it to those who don’t have

simply because they should have.

I am bringing you change.

The old ways have worked well,

too well.

It’s time for change.

I’m talking about change!

Get rid of this capitalist stuff,

bringing you change.

We don’t need the Constitution,

it’s old man’s talk,

written back in 1700 years

for me it brings about a lot of fears.

We need change brothers and sisters.

We need to fix what works,

and say it don’t.

That’s what I’m talking about.

I’m gonna use class warfare.

Make no mistake.

I’m going use racial strife.

I’m gonna divide this country.

Then it will be better.


I’m gonna fix what already works.

We got work to do. Hard work.

It’s not gonna be easy.

You’re gonna have to suffer,

while I tour the country

and party at your expense.

But in the end

it’s well worth it,

for I am your Savior

who will turn the night to day

as it says in the Bible.

And you will be proud to know

that in the end,

I have uniforms for you to wear.

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