Copyright 2012 Gordon Kuhn

Poet in the Rain Productions


I got my radio tuned to the Blues!

Uh huh, listenin’ to some smoky, hot Blues.

Hot blues, mama! Hot Blues! Pokey, hot Blues.

Blues playin’ in the mornin’, you lovely woman

with rain fallin’ outside, and more is comin’.

Guitars singing as they are bein’ strummin,’

strummin’ and my heart, my heart be drummin’.

My feet are movin’ to the beat!

So sit yourself down and take a seat.

And please know I got no time for no melodrama.

So don’t be angry with me mama, don’t be angry mama

an’ don’t be lookin’ at me so blankly

no, don’t be angry with me

‘cause you can always be set free.

You got no hold, no mama, no hold on me!

While I’m sittin’ an’ listenin’ to some smoky-hot blues

hot, smoky blues in the mornin’.

That’s what I say

on this rainy, raining, bluesy day.

Mmm hmm, an’ please be knowin’, please  be knowin’

I don’t own no dancin’ shoes

for no slow dance can I do to the Blues.

Suppose I could try if I should so choose.

But I got my radio tuned to the Blues.

Stormin’ outside is what’s in the news.

Stormin’ inside, but not drinkin’ no booze.

Drank it all,

bottle’s empty and got no money

no more money to buy some more liquid honey.

Rain comin’ down in buckets cloud-filled

To the brim, wet and chilled,

To the brim now, yes, wet and chilled

Worry’s I got and am not thrilled

By prospects I’ve been told

With answers for I’m not sold

There’s smoke on the horizon!

Smoke amidst the weatherizin’

Someone said there’s a fire burnin’ in the distance

All the while I be happily singin’ with inconsistence

While I’m listenin’ to the Blues

Those smoky, pokey, mellow old Blues

And I’m listenin’ to the Blues

And watchin’ the smoke curling up on the horizon.

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