Sitting Alone in the Dark


Copyright 2012

All rights reserved by Gordon Kuhn

Poet in the Rain Productions

April 2, 2012 0459


Morning slips in on me,

As I sit here in the dark.

The dogs are sleeping.

My wife lies dreaming.

And I’m alone here in the dark.

Just a crazy old me!

Sittin’ alone in the dark.


Wondering about wonders,

Some I’ve seen.

Some I never will.

But I still feel the thrill

of the wind and rain upon my face,

of cold wet running down my neck,

remembering while sittin’ alone in the dark.


Alone with a thousand memories swarmin’,

some are cold and some are warmin’,

as the light breaks to the east.

Yes, another day is comin’!

A fine day, yes … a fine day is comin’.

It’s all fine by me.

What do I have to say?

‘Cause I’m sittin’ here alone in the dark.

just sittin’ alone here in the dark.


The night and the day go passing by me,

as they circle wide the world,

wide the world, yeah, wide the world they do;

just a runnin’ to catch the other up

in a never ending game of keep up.

And I’m sitting alone in the dark.

Just myself alone in the dark.

And I don’t really give a damn about nothin’ ‘cause

I’m sittin’ alone here in the dark,

alone here in the dark.


While somewhere I hear a piano plays

softly, slowly, keys lightly, lovingly pressed;

welcome … coming light breaks through grey,

the deep and dreary grey to the east.

The dogs shift and curl up tighter in their sleep.

My wife shifts and smiles in her dreams,

while I’m sittin’ here alone in the dark,

don’t ya know, I’m just sittin’ here alone in the dark.               4/2/12  – Revised 6/26/12


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