I’ve No Need To Go Away


Copyright 2012 Gordon L Kuhn

Poet in the Rain Productions

Some folks say I should not stay,

but up my tired ass and go my weary way.

Pack my bag (just the one) and go somewhere

no one knows me at all, on a dare.

But I’m tired and in my weary way

I’ve no room for new games to play;

and if I chose to up and run away

nothin’ would buy my win, I would say.

So instead I’ll just stay awhile and share

my life with those surrounding me who care.

I’ll stay quiet and watch the world spin past every day.

For I know I’m loved here in everyway

by those who accept me in just my simple, silly way

of being just who I am each and every day.

So that’s my plan, if you need to know today.

I’m stayin’ right here as I’ve no need to go away.                                                    6/27/2012

2 responses to “I’ve No Need To Go Away”

  1. gerrymccullough Avatar

    I liked this, Gordon. Keep posting and writing! (Shared and Tweeted.)


    1. I feel honored by your visit and your comment. Thanks.


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