Copyright 2012 Gordon Kuhn

Poet in the Rain

 I found you there early this morning

when I rose sleepy like from my bed,

with fog and cobwebs all fillin’ my head.

There you were in a summer dress

dancin’ dainty like … across the flowers of my mind.

I must absolutely ashamedly confess

You snuck up when I wasn’t looking.

Oh … so softly you took my hand and led

and took up so short of time to up for me remind

of those other times and filled me with wishes

for late night spaghetti dinners

and large glasses of red colored wine.

You passed your way through the meadows

where you said you were just mine.

Led me softly down the oak shaded lane

and there you handed me rose colored petals

just like you did in another lifetime

so many years ago

But then … then there was the pain.                                                                                      7.2.12

One response to “SPAGHETTI DINNERS”

  1. Very nice poem, sweetly written.


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