National Suicide

Was our country, America, so fundamentally messed up before Obama that we have to trash the Constitution and allow a man, one man, to fundamentally change not only our political culture but our economic culture? It is the only system in the history of mankind that has worked  and yet people want to allow this man to destroy it. Why? Have we gone insane? People, we have millions who have come to this country to live, to raise their children here, to reach up and grab opportunities that do not and have not existed anyplace else in the world at any time and you want to change it? Why?

You tell me the Constitution of the United States is out dated? You tell me the Constitution of S. Africa is better? Are you nuts?

Obama Care: 21 new taxes. Did you know that? Pelosi, “Well, we must vote the bill in and then we can find out what’s in it.”  It is not a box to be opened like on Christmas. To say they didn’t know what was in the bill and they had to vote on it to find out what was in it is lunacy. They just found it on the doorstep, I guess. Isn’t that where all the bills are found. Somehow they just showed up there. Nobody knows what is in them. They have to vote to make them  laws and then we find out what is in the law because no one knew before. This is the garbage coming out of Congress under the democrats. Change? Vote the bastard in again and you will see massive governmental changes, massive governmental debt, and you will be under a tyranny like has never been before and America will be no more. The light that has beckoned and continues to call others to us will be no more. It is national suicide to vote Obama in again.

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