Copyright 2012 Gordon Kuhn

Poet in the Rain Productions



Cypress knees!

Aged wooden look and feel

Poked through faded denim blue

Tattered fabric

Shattered life

Eyes the sky’s misty clouded hue

Tales within of abundant strife

Sweat stained cap

Uncombed lair for lice beneath

Thin skin taunt upon the limbs

Leaned against an old and brittle oak

Within a crowded scene of trees

A cloud of odor did arise

From human living ashes there

Could smell the man whose scent did provoke

A reasonable amount of tainted disgust

And flies about were in pure lust

Searching here and there for a favored meal

Their wandering touch failed to rouse by feel

Backpack tightly held in trust

Between knobby brown meld of flesh

And fell asleep upon the sea of green

Where death like he slept from view unseen.                                      August 3, 2012


3 responses to “CYPRESS KNEES”

  1. […] Kuhn at Gordon inspires me with each poem he […]


  2. You inspire me with every poem you write – I love your work, even when it isn’t in the webzine!

    I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine award – – will explain what I mean!



    1. And you make my heart swell with pride and humility.


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