Copyright 2012 Gordon Kuhn

Poet in the Rain Productions

There’s a working girl

Someone’s errant daughter

Over there on the corner

Beneath the streetlight

Showing a lot of leg

Turning to face the traffic

From this way and then that

And for not much money

You can give her a whirl

And she’ll give you a thrill

If that’s what you need

And she’ll moan if you want

To think you’re “the man”

But the reality is in the end

She’s fighting for her life

Just like the rest of us are

And you are just a bump

A slug, a toad, a mangled bookmark

In her life that she’ll lose

Another bug latched on

Sucking what is left out

Leaving her a bit less

Than she was before

And someone’s daughter

Lives now in the gutter

Waiting patiently for the slaughter

Sure to come,

Perhaps on the morrow

Perhaps then the end of sorrow.                                 August 6, 2012

4 responses to “THE END OF SORROW”

  1. In the use and abuse world of today. We forgot the important of human touch and conversation. I like the honestly and directness of the poem. Thank you for the outstanding poem.


    1. Thank you for your kind comment. I really appreciate the feedback on my writing. 🙂


  2. That was a beautifully written poem that really touched me. I think that people forget that this is someone’s daughter. The last few lines are chilling. You write very well.


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