In light of the comments I’ve gotten concerning prostitution and the fact that a prostitute is a human being and someone’s daughter or son I’ve decided to repost LAYS as it deal with this issue as well.


August 26, 2011

Copyright 2011 Gordon L Kuhn

She is someone’s much loved daughter,

Maybe a sister, a wife, a best friend.

She is toying with life which may sudden end

In disease or violence. However, a need had sudden up and caught her.

She’s a working girl. Her office is the Tamiami Trail.

Her inventory of self is mobile and put there for sale,

Not for permanent keep, but for a price, only lent.

Or, perhaps, one could say simply that she’s temporarily for rent.

For the time spent, for her, is not too great

When she is out and tempting fate.

Her working hours are per her need.

She has an addiction she needs to feed.

She walks slowly to catch a wandering eye

That may be searching for a noonday treat to try.

In bright-colored, tight shorts and top, she is an easy thing to spot.

Her blond hair catches the wind as she uses her lot

Of learned street charm as bait in the plot

draw in a temporary lover,

A John who can easily pay the cover,

For a job that doesn’t take her too long.

She promises his body will be singing a new song,

When she’s done her best for him to succumb in wonder

At her charms as she his wallet does plunder;

For she also is a well experienced pickpocket

Who will steal his most closely kept locket.

Her advertising is kept very simple,

A bend at the waist to place butt in the air

So passing motorists might slow and might stare

At the message quite clear that she holds up most steady,

On a large bag of chips she keeps at the ready.

And proudly displays it held high in the air

As drivers pass by her and men are prone to slow and stare

At the one word advertising method she found works and which stays

Held high, her occupation described with simply one word: Lays

[1] A few years back I was driving down U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail) in Sarasota, Fl., and there was a young streetwalker on my side of the roadway walking with her back to me. However, she clearly knew a car was approaching her from the rear as she bent over and made a prominent display of butt just before I drew alongside her. She also held up a large bag of Lays Potato Chips with the word Lays prominently displayed. I am sure she was advertising.


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