Copyright 2012 Gordon Kuhn

Poet in the Rain Productions

All rights reserved.


A slash of brilliant silver-white

… did …

with a quick and bloodless slit,

cut through the dappled underbelly

of layered grey dumplings

whose purpose was for melancholy

lying heavy and broad spread.

Broad spread upon the land

and broad spread upon the sea

as fissures sudden opened as jagged mouths most surely did

and crept hungry feeding through the expanding filmy mists.

Mouths which allowed color to seep in where darkness had once bled,

where unbound shadows birthed in pools of dewy wet

ran to mask what upon the darkness had in concealment fed.

It was as if heaven’s angels had, with holy wings wide spread,

struck with gleaming swords to impale the beast that lay

as if an obstructive blanket were,

one filled with wild and foul decay,

allowing life unfettered to unexpected filter in and through

and the living blanket had sudden met death so early in the day.       August 8, 2012

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