Copyright 2012 Gordon Kuhn

Poet in the Rain Productions

It’s lonely out tonight

The stars are in their slow flight

The moon strolls indifferent by itself along

Above clouds that I think somehow belong

Within pictures in my mind so I might can recall

Who in the world I should or could call

Whose name I wrote somewhere on a wall

But they’ve all left and gone their way

And I ain’t even got the desire to try and pray

And don’t recall where I drew the picture

That my memory won’t pull up and that’s for sure

Yes, I feel it’s lonely out tonight

The stars are out in slow flight

The moon strolls itself along

And I know that I don’t belong

Where everyone thinks I do

But I’m a part of the few

And somehow, someway I lost the way

And know I’m not where I should stay

It’s surely lonely out tonight

So goddamned lonely out tonight

Been that way forever now it’s come to be right

With the knowin’ that came along

When the day was that I was strong

But foolish slipped and fell

And even thought in pain I could then yell

But now I’m alone and I can simply tell

That it’s lonely out tonight

And is the same in the day when it’s light

And I ain’t got no more strength to fight

While in no mood to close the door

For whatever there might not be the score

Of music I could share or even like

Yes, it’s lonely out tonight.

And I’m in a mood for a fight

Because I lost the pencil and the note

That told me how to stay remote

But it’s all such a goddamn joke

That the lights should all get a revoke

Before the morning bells stroke

And it’s lonely out tonight

And the trail is lost to my sight.                                August 9, 2012

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