How T’is With Me.


Copyright 2012 Gordon Kuhn

A Poet in the Rain Productions

All rights reserved.


T’is born but a simple thing,

… a poem … that is…,

simple and yet born quite complex

for wanting else should never be.

as words born are birthed simple free,

whose voice for me must ever ring,

for words for me must ever sing.

I’m born just a simple poet lads

and ladies who stand idly by the door.

Rebuked I am by the holy church,

and looked down upon by my frosty kin

who wished far less when birthed in life for me

by the whole lot of frosty errant kin;

and as t’is liken to such a simple thing,

… for a poet … like me … to be that is…,

… for a poem … crying out to be …

such it is that I was born to be

simple and yet birthed most complex,

for wanting else should never be,

as words cost are simple free,

and that t’is simple, simply complex me.                                                      7/26/12


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