(Copyright Gordon Kuhn 2012 all rights reservedand included in Rabbit in a Box which can be found on Kindle, Amazon, & Barnes and Noble.)

It is Chicago outside,

At my nephews basement apartment.

Ah, sweet Old Windy.

I grew up here.


I am afraid.

God, so afraid,

So terribly afraid.

Why do I fear?

What do I fear?

I know this place.

I hear the sound of traffic,

Moving along paved arteries.

Asphalt for blood beneath a million spinning wheels.

Brick humming under tires rolling down side streets

The swiiish, swiish of car passing parked car,

Not far from where I sit



God, I grew up here!

Yet now I’m a visitor from some strange planet

Where stalking others is the game of the day

And returned I somehow lost my way.

Yet, I fear.

And, yet I fear.

I fear and wish to run from this place.

To take my car and run,

To reach its interior where quiet waits,

There, where safety lay.

Behind a locked door and safety glass.

The only place I feel secure!

Warm and safe within——.

And run.

God help me, and run I must!

Run as fast as I can,

And run I do,

Until I can breathe fresh, clean country air.

And there stop and step from my safety

On a road where no cars pass

And then stroked by pain, birthing sadness, bleeding fear,

I bend, and while gasping



****This is poem two regarding PTSD. Poem one was FRIGHTENED*****

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