The Pelman Murders, a fictitious story about a family that has a problem with murder, incest, blackmail, fraud, insanity, and questions about who the father or fathers might be of two of the sons, is set in a background where a simple game of twin switch clouds the identity of one following the murder of her sister. However, there is more! A gigantic mouse roams an apartment house sought by an elderly lady who is intent on killing the rodent who urinated on her laundry one day. She sets up an elaborate trap and catches a rat who loses her head. Oh, and did I fail to mention the two little people? Jewel and Riff, two gypsy like characters from another dimension (or the workings of a psychotic mind) arrive to provide counsel to one whose mind is slowly shredding itself. Intrigue. Passion. And, it is on Kindle and Nook for the horrific price of just 99 cents.

See if you can solve the first two murders. You have eight possibilities.

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