Copyright 2012 Gordon Kuhn

Wearin’ blue jeans and a t-shirt

Toe tied flip flops

Walkin’ on hot sand

Nothin’ here to make me stay

Just sand and bottle tops

Empty cans left layin’

By the side of the road

No one talkin’ to me

I’m unseen


Lookin’for new

An’ wantin’ to flirt

Lady comin’ strollin’

Waves a hand

Tiny bikini,

Brown skinned,

Blonde hair

Walkin’ past

The crossing

The meeting

Didn’t last

Nothin’ there to make me wanna stay

I musta said hello … much too fast

Too eager

Roses growin’ in the woods

Beer cans layin’ near the road

Cigarette butt glowin’ burned my toe

Cars passin’ on the highway

Nothin’ here to make me stay

No one listenin’ to my music

No one even sees me

Voices singing in the wind

Wantin’ to blend in

Tryin’ to blend in

With the world

With the land

Flip flops cruisin’ on the sand

Hot sand and bottle tops

Nothin’ here to make me stay

Someone waved a hand

To someone else today

But not to me

I’m invisible

In my blue jeans and t-shirt

Listening to rock

playin’ in my ears

Listenin’ to cars

Drivin’ past empty beer cans

Layin’ in the dirt along the road

As those cars keep on rollin’

Racing on the highway

All goin’ somewhere

All goin’ nowhere.

Nowhere for me to go

No one wantin’ me to stay                                                                 9/27/12

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