A very interesting and well written poem which I am happy to reblog in order to share with my followers. A poet worth following.

River Song

She’s a gorgeous


She’s available

And convenient,

And not discouraged

By a lost cause.

She wears tall boots

Made of leather;

She uses them to

Walk on you

‘Til you’re raw.

She grows her hair long

To hide her face,

Then shaves it off

So you know she’s tough,

And she won’t take shit.

She’s a contradiction

And an affliction

To the institution.

She swears ’cause she’s got

Street smarts,

And she smokes a cigarette

To show her intellect-

A Virginia Slim,

Because she’s come a long way, baby.

She goes out on the town

Looking for trouble,

Turns heads

With her short skirt,

And drinks a lot,

So she doesn’t hurt.

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