I’ve waited now over 24 hours for the winners to come forward with their email addresses and they have not responded to me. So, here is the deal. I’m selecting a new person to win not a PDF version but a signed book from those subscribed here on the blog. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow and request that person to email me so that I can get a mailing address to send them an actual signed copy of Rabbit in a Box.

So, if you wish to be considered you must be a registered follower of this blog!

Good luck!

Worried about everyone up north.

I am worried about everyone up north. I was shocked to see the damage. I hope all of my friends are okay. I am still waiting for my two pdf winners to check in and considering instead of sending an electronic copy sending an actual book out once a month.


We had a random selection and the winner is Murathefilm.  However, I don’t have an email address for Mura. Plus, Mura is a company which produces films. So, in light of that I am going to aware a second person a pdf. Mura, you are still a winner, but I need your email address for whoever you wish the copy to go to. And, for everyone else, I’m going to go pull a second name. I think that is fair.


Tomorrow, I will be selecting one person randomly from those following this blog to receive a free PDF version of Rabbit in a Box.Once a month then I will pick a new person to receive a copy of either Rabbit in a Box or The Window’s Cliff AND … I will also toss The Pelman Murders in the mix. SO, in other words, once a month someone will recieve one of the three books in PDF format for FREE! I also intend of occasional gifts of advanced copies of writing I am working on.


This is so very beautiful. I had to share.

Creative Talanoa

Yvonne (a New Zealand born Tongan) and Peni (aka Ben, an American born Samoan) have been dating long distance for over three and a half years. This is truly a beautiful love story.

I grew up with Yvonne and her family within the same church and she, her siblings and I also attended the same schools. Yvonne is a beautiful and humble young woman whose heart speaks volumes in the works that she continues to do selflessly for others. Her faith and walk in God sets an example not only for her siblings but for many young women to follow fearlessly. She is the Proverbs 31 woman. I am blessed to know her and her loving family.

In 2010, I first met Peni through Yvonne when he visited her here in New Zealand. During that visit, he performed one of his poems entitled “Love Bug” in front of us (a…

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Gordon Kuhn sent you a video: “CROSSING — From the Book Rabbit in a Box”

photo.jpg Gordon Kuhn has shared a video with you on YouTube
A video poem about meeting a deer in the autumn woods during hunting season.
CROSSING — From the Book Rabbit in a Box
by Gordon Kuhn
A video poem about a meeting, a crossing, between a man and a deer during hunting season in which the man and the deer come face to face and share a moment of peace together.
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Monday Oct 22nd, 2012

Good lord, could it be? No. Can’t be. October 22nd? I’m still in January … well … maybe February … at least March … will you allow me to be stuck in March?

Seriously, I cannot guess what happened to all that time, those months, days, hours … well, you get the point. Where the hell did it all go? I’m still stuck in … you know.

Not only that. but I’ve yet to excuse myself of errors created, harm done, from last year and we are just about out of this year. Oh my God. That means I’ll be carrying all the guilt from 2011 and 2012 into 2013. How will I survive?

I am one of those people that I can sit still in my house and find something I’ve done wrong while sitting there. It is just so complex … life is … I mean, what do you  expect, what can we expect, if this years guilt lies left unclaimed, treated, apologized for, whatever, what are we to do about next years guilt? I’m not even into December and I’m sure I’ll offend someone before then and how am I to settle up with that when I’m not settled up for things done in 2001 or 2002 for pity sake. It’s a travesty of justice. I’m just doomed.

3rd Book Trailer for The Pelman Murders

This is the 3rd book trailer on You Tube for the murder-mystery novel The Pelman Murders. Those reading it have told me they have a hard time putting it down, that they are driven to find out what is going on in the next chapter and then the next. Plus, the chapters are short and to the point. If you are into mysteries this book is for you.   For those who don’t know about me, this is the 3rd book I have written and published.