Monday Oct 22nd, 2012

Good lord, could it be? No. Can’t be. October 22nd? I’m still in January … well … maybe February … at least March … will you allow me to be stuck in March?

Seriously, I cannot guess what happened to all that time, those months, days, hours … well, you get the point. Where the hell did it all go? I’m still stuck in … you know.

Not only that. but I’ve yet to excuse myself of errors created, harm done, from last year and we are just about out of this year. Oh my God. That means I’ll be carrying all the guilt from 2011 and 2012 into 2013. How will I survive?

I am one of those people that I can sit still in my house and find something I’ve done wrong while sitting there. It is just so complex … life is … I mean, what do you  expect, what can we expect, if this years guilt lies left unclaimed, treated, apologized for, whatever, what are we to do about next years guilt? I’m not even into December and I’m sure I’ll offend someone before then and how am I to settle up with that when I’m not settled up for things done in 2001 or 2002 for pity sake. It’s a travesty of justice. I’m just doomed.

2 responses to “Monday Oct 22nd, 2012”

  1. Buckle up – you still have to get through the holidays!


    1. Scary thought! LOL


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