This is so very beautiful. I had to share.

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Yvonne (a New Zealand born Tongan) and Peni (aka Ben, an American born Samoan) have been dating long distance for over three and a half years. This is truly a beautiful love story.

I grew up with Yvonne and her family within the same church and she, her siblings and I also attended the same schools. Yvonne is a beautiful and humble young woman whose heart speaks volumes in the works that she continues to do selflessly for others. Her faith and walk in God sets an example not only for her siblings but for many young women to follow fearlessly. She is the Proverbs 31 woman. I am blessed to know her and her loving family.

In 2010, I first met Peni through Yvonne when he visited her here in New Zealand. During that visit, he performed one of his poems entitled “Love Bug” in front of us (a…

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Gordon Kuhn sent you a video: “CROSSING — From the Book Rabbit in a Box”

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A video poem about meeting a deer in the autumn woods during hunting season.
CROSSING — From the Book Rabbit in a Box
by Gordon Kuhn
A video poem about a meeting, a crossing, between a man and a deer during hunting season in which the man and the deer come face to face and share a moment of peace together.
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