A poem from Rabbit in a Box.



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The Widow’s Cliff and Other Poems Rabbit in a Box

In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take, the relationships we were afraid to have, and the decisions we waited too long to make.



(Three poems in one.)


Death of Music


The stench of death and of decay

Floats in the air about me today.

There and near and around blind walk the dead

Unknown to the chains in trance are led.

The killers proud walk among those blinded by the lies.

Time to say our final good-byes.



They sit and laugh at comedic behavior

And believe the words of a false savior

Who walks proud and arrogant among the near dead

For the poison they drank and now blind are easy led.


No One is Home Today.

There is no one at home today

They all went out, went out to play

I alone chose to sit and stay.

And look at empty frames.

Places where age left stains.

For it is leaving, has left, is now gone.

I knew it; I felt it; they all went along.

But for the few, the few who knew.

The vision, the history, the truth, someone slew.

Copyright 2012 Gordon Kuhn       Written on 11/9/2012


Just pulled from over 700 followers and the name is Lisa Evans! Lisa, what book do you want? Three choices. Poetry … The Widow’s Cliff and Other Poems (my first book of poetry); Rabbit in a Box (my 2nd book of poetry); or The Pelman Murders (my first novel of 368 pages). Your choice.



Copyright 2012 Gordon Kuhn

Can you not hear the music?

It is everywhere!

It is in the trees,

The bushes,

The very rocks at my feet!

Joy complete!

Can you not hear the singing?

The very choir that sang to Mozart

Sings to thee!

So sublime, so gentle.

Then a rush,

Building, climbing, towering, higher and higher,

To softly hang there so high up, to slowly roll over and then

in a cascade

Like water leaping off a cliff

Caught in the wind

The bases join the sopranos

And held suspended

Spilling over a boundless leap

Sprays out in billowing tumult of beauty soaring there.

Can you not hear the laughter?

It surrounds you and me!

It is everywhere!

In the grass, the weeds,

The clouds, the worms crawling at my feet

It knows not defeat

Do you not hear the wonder of it all?

A million violins sing out at once!

High and lifting higher,

Then come the trombones,

Strong voiced, strong willed

And my heart climbs with the trumpet notes!

Then she falls, tumbles with joy back into the valley,

With a light flute just touching the highest cloud in the sky,

And slowly sliding down a rainbow

Gently brings my soul back to earth

To the joy

To the beginning again and again

Can you not hear the music?                          October 31, 2012


The replacement winner is Felix O’Shea.  In addition, I asked Linnie Buhman to pick the number for the replacement winner and because of that she also is going to receive a prize.

Both will receive a copy of Rabbit in a Box signed by me. However, I need for Felix to contact me as I do not have a mailing address for him.