England’s Warning to the United States



So we come to the close of another year. How strange to think that I am still back at 01/01/2012 kissing my wife and welcoming 2012 in. What happened to this year? It flew by. What of the friends I’ve lost this year? Where did they go? What happened. They were standing there a minute ago. A second flew past and then ………. they were gone. Just a second ago they were there. How can a second separate the quick and the dead? Am I growing more philosophic in age? Am I more determined to find that latch key? I am unsure. That second fascinates me. Just a moment ago we were sharing a beer and then …. I spoke with them and laughed and worried with them that they were ill. I held their hand and hoped my strength would aid their struggle and then…. I had hopes for this or that and somethings held true and yet others…. I met some wonderful people this year and drank coffee with them and listened to their stories of their lives and then they passed out the door and I keep in touch but the second…the second. One moment there with me and then the next out the door and I wonder what the seconds are finding in their lives.

Thoughts on a massacre.

I think what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary was horrible.  Yet we live in a society that allows partial birth abortion where a child is alive and being born and its skull is crushed.  But we as a society are not shocked by that.  That’s OK.  It’s not really alive because only the head has exited the woman’s body.  So we can kill it, and that’s OK.  It’s OK to kill as many unborn children as we so wish and we’re not shocked by it.  They have no names.  They have no photographs taken of them.  Newspaper articles are not written about them.  TV commentators make no mention of them.  And that’s OK.  We as a society allow these deaths to occur every day.  Every day!  And it’s OK, to crush a child’s skull because we as a society believe it’s OK.  Well I don’t!  It sickens me.  So mourn the dead of Sandy Hook, as you should.  Be horrified by the acts of a madman, as you should.  But shame on us for allowing the deaths of other innocent children struggling to be born only to have their brains crushed.  How many died yesterday.  How many would die today.  But we as a society endorse that.  That’s OK.  No gun was involved.  A clamp is used.  No one is of there to protect a child, to mourn a child, to give a damn about the child.  And to our society that’s OK.

Very funny video about gun safety

This is very funny.http://youtu.be/IouUsPsUg4Y

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