Alright! Fine! Yes, I did it.

I have a book giveaway on Goodreads.comĀ . It’s a contest. I have no control. Goodreads picks the winners. They notify me. I sign the book. I put the book in the mail, and five people get a free copy of The Pelman Murders.

That’s it. Simple. Go to Goodreads and enter and you might get a free book. Plus, there are lots of other books there as well.


Thinking! Don’t tell anyone.

I’ve been thinking. That, sometimes, is dangerous. But, I’ve been thinking about life … now that is really dangerous. I’ve been wondering about who I am and who you are and why we are. As a friend once said to me years back when I came up with similar questions, “What for?”


“What for you wanna know?”

I thought for a moment and then said to myself, “He’s right. What for I wanna know?”