An Old Marine Retires

There once was an old Marine who was getting ready to retire with 30 years in the Corps. It was decided that as most Marines have poor table manners and many times ask for certain things, like butter, to be passed in a manner inappropriate for open, mixed society that a training program be instituted to help with that issue. So, the Marine was told to go to this class on appropriate behavior when invited to someone’s home.

The instructor for the class made a great attempt at getting everyone in the class to understand that there are just certain things you don’t do and she turned to see the Marine was sound asleep. So, she walked over to where he was and woke him by saying loudly, “Sergeant Major, how do you enter a room.”

Well, the old Sergeant Major jumped and said, “What?”

“How do you enter a room,” the woman asked again.

“Oh, simple,” he began. “You toss in a grenade, count to five, then go in shooting.”

He was excused from all future classes.

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