Raindrops Falling

Raindrops Falling
Copyright 2013 Gordon Kuhn
All rights reserved, The Poet in the Rain.

Thick, fat, doomed rain drops
Falling blindly from the sky
Not knowing they will die
Thumping drops
Bumping drops
Hunting drops
For a dry place to land
Falling still
Not know they will die
And spread out on the landing
The zone of impact
A body falling
Falling in the rain
Falling in the pain
Falling with the stain
That cannot be erased
Undone. 10/6/2013

Whatever is Fun?

Whatever is Fun?
A Poem by Gordon Kuhn, Poet in the Rain
Copyright 2013 All rights reserved by Gordon Kuhn

Wish they were lost in the rain
But, instead
They follow me, and I lick the pain
I am tricked to believe
That somehow
It will all go and leave me
To be just
Instead the battle grows
And I
Am losing ground, life blows
When you
Are having fun?
But then I’m done
So what is fun?
The stain
Flows deep, dark, black red
As if
I were truly, really dead
Cut me
Cut myself and see it run
See it leave
Like it was really done
Really done
Whatever is fun? 10/6/13