Copyright 2013 Gordon Kuhn
All rights reserved, Poet in the Rain.

I find myself adrift, alone, with feelings
Feelings that simply will not leave me alone
And so I drift in an odd cloud of recall and
Wonder what my father would have thought
Or my mother, for that matter, who struggled
With a family that left her alone in her feelings
While they blamed her for their ills and
Misunderstandings and
Misconceptions and
Then there was me
To cloud and confuse the landscape
Standing by the roadside, in the dust
Wondering if I were truly a family member or
The child of a guest who came to dinner and
Then, disappearing into the mist of night,
Left the baby in a bag by the door. 10/13/2013


The Apartment Above Oak Street Beach
Copyright 2013 Gordon Kuhn
All rights reserved, Poet in the Rain.

Oak Street Beach lays lazy in the sun
The breakers rolling softly flowing in
The boats of guards flipped belly up
Formed hideouts for giggling children’s fun

While up from where lake ripples run
The sand dark where bare feet have come
The sound of traffic coursing on asphalt near
Warmed and soft beneath the sun.

Yet, a sidewalk stroll to the lonely point of rocks
The curve where lay red painted warning slots
A rip current has its home there in flecks and rolls of foam
But above it all is where I sensed a terror mocks

Greyish mantle, brown stone and steel
Stands atop, reveal, and stares out coldly
The building at the corner, just there
In its topmost rooms a horror that I feel.

A distance not far from where sharing children play
And swimmers float calmly above the fish hiding below
I find my body shivers as I gaze up at the apartment there
Something, something hurries me, makes me want to run, I cannot stay