Copyright 2013 Gordon Kuhn
All rights reserved.

Two women sat in an open chair,
Arms looped in loathing paired.
Like lovers whose favorite game was pain,
They toyed with each other’s blame of shame.
They drank each other’s poison pooled,
And pledged their hatred for one to share.
They spread their evil upon a scene,
Vampires whose very souls were dead;
Whose slime coated wings they both doth did spread.
Spread wide as lifeless flies took to air,
And formed a world of lies and dread.
Not caring the damage done to one.
Not caring for the slanderous harm t’was done.
He guiltless of the assault upon him they led
A nightmare made in a nightmare dream
Brought first by a she devil birthed malcontent,
Who dripped slanderous slime from her lips.
There sucked upon by her counterpart.
Each feeding upon the others filth filled breasts.
Tits licked clean as they both grew close as lovers did
To attack one who nothing did,
Or deserved they who crossed the line.
These close-bound lovers;
These false mothers whose malicious spawn
Straight from hell their evil had come
To do their dirt owning in their filthy vileness.
How sad creatures like this do abide within our midst
To cause such cruel unkindness as was this.

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