Halloween Plus Two

Halloween Plus Two

Well another Halloween has come and gone. Some of the cutest kids came and met us at the end of our driveway where we set up our candy disbursement site. We normally sit by the front door but my pickup is in the drive and so we decided to sit down by the street. It actually worked out better because we didn’t have kids running through the yard screaming “trick-or-treat” and stepping on “stuff” from our and other people’s dogs.

The neighbors came over and talked and drank wine and one broke a glass. Shards went everywhere. Four of us out there sweeping and picking up the pieces while we talked about having a block party on New Year’s. We offered to use our craft show tents and everyone thought that a good idea. Then, once inside the house, we realized we might not be home that night. Ooops. And, how did we get on the committee?

Did I mention the broken wine glass?

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