Just added two to my “blogroll” list.

Added “That Girl” and “That Dude Eddie.”

Another poet is added.

I have now added Adrian Mitchell. Part of what I am doing is trying to get the link to my Face Book to work correctly. It keeps popping in a picture that I do not want there and I cannot find the bloody root to the pic. Very frustrating as it keeps pulling it in. I have my picture at a restaurant there which is what I want, but it keeps putting a picture of a man walking with an umbrella and I want to get rid of that. 😦

Followers following followers.

I have always had a few followers and links connected but I am going to focus a bit more on adding new people to the list. Primarily I am interested in writers. Poets I think will lead the list. So, as an experiment I have added a recent follower of my blog and his name is: Ian Stewart Black. Ian is a poet and has his own page on Word Press. I am attempting to link to his page so we shall see how this works if it works at all. Keep your fingers crossed.