Cynthia Baker – Simple Pleasures

I am unsure of why she closed her blog. She sent out a message to her over 6,000 followers that she was posting her last blog. Nothing else was written. She simply wrote that it was her last blog. In any case, I have closed the link to her site as there is just that last blog item. There is no explanation for her actions. I believe there were 72 responses, all saddened by her decision.

5 responses to “Cynthia Baker – Simple Pleasures”

  1. True, she would visit my blog often but because I was not her follower, I have just come to know through you. It is always very saddening to see a blogger leave, and it is even more sad when they do not explain. thanks for the post.


    1. It just surprised me that there was no statement other than “this is my last blog.” Then she thanked her over 6,000 followers. Strange.


      1. I guess it would have felt even more worse if something happened where she could not even announce.

        By the way, nice to meet you Gordon.


      2. I actually thought the same. In any case, it was and is a bit disturbing. I hope she is alright. The abrupt departure of someone who was so well liked and had such an extensive blog is a bit startling. I tried to go back and read prior entries but they are gone, another mystery.

        And, yes, it is nice to meet you as well. I really like the way you have your blog set up. Well, it is now 0130 here and the storms have come and gone, thankfully. Our two Great Pyrenees are sound asleep next to my desk. They don’t like storms and I thought I would be up most of the night with them barking, but they are resting peacefully as the thunder storms have moved on. I’ve been struggling with the opening of a true crime narrative nonfiction and still haven’t figured it out so I think I’ll just gone to bed.


  2. so pity that she left the wordpress community…….i feel so sad because she was a very special person, very gentle and very nice and i loved her photos and quotes and/or comments and our communication,……. but I cant figure out why she delete everything behind her………she also disappear from facebook and she does not reply on her e-mail………I really miss her…….thank you Gordon for this post…..


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