Life in a Glass

This comes from the writings of Opinionated Man. I thought it stunning. It is poetic.

Musical Wishes

Musical Wishes recently set up to follow my blog and I just now peeked in at her site. I found it interesting. I tend to disagree with some of what she writes, but I believe she has the right to think as she does, to be who she is.

You may like her. She can be found at:


What Am I Doing Here
Copyright 2013 Gordon Kuhn
All Rights Reserved

I cannot seem to write tonight.
No matter what I try to do,
What words come are far and mostly few.
They seem hollow and not to me to be true.
They cannot express what needs to be done,
What needs to be said,
What needs to be read.
And the emptiness is what I dread.
Perhaps because I’m depressed and
Not knowing what to do.
I sit in the back seat of a car
Filled with four traveling in the dark
With laughter surrounding me.
Yet my smile is fake and laughter hollow.
It is only a little past six in the evening.
Dark, I hate the dark, God I hate the dark!
I stare up at a sky not blemished by any star;
And I look out at the bleakness of a winter’s night.
How I hate the feelings that rush;
They, the ones that simply crush.
And wish for my bed so many miles in the past;
The familiar things, familiar faces, voices
What am I doing here?

I’m depressed.
What else can I say?
Oh it didn’t happen without any warning.
The feeling I feel I feel in deep shame
For feeling the feeling all wrapped up in pain
Yet there is no shame in feeling the feeling
Those who do say it is makes it so
Are all just so lame.

I’m in a dark mood,
Feeling trapped,
Out of my element,
Slipping further down the slope,
Staring at the juncture where there is no hope.
And there is no way to explain the place
I find myself within.
I hate the change that time brings.
Decisions made because of this or that.
I speak and no one hears a word!
Choices made are countermanded.
Possibilities are always being disenchanted
By others who fail to search for an answer
And accept the negative head on, first on.

What am I doing here?


Spiritbath is an interesting site. It has over 2,000 followers. “We’re a group of people who believe strongly that our world is awakening to a new spiritual course. It may not always feel that way given all the pain and suffering in the news, but we see it.”

Maybe something you should check out at:


Copyright 2013 by Gordon Kuhn
All rights reserved.

I smile,
But the hollow inside is not seen
I laugh,
But the emptiness within is hidden.
I alone can hear the weary echo!
As the laugh bounces off the walls.
I alone see darkness in the dream.
I alone feel trapped.
I alone stand alone
And I smile
For those around
I smile
Alone. 12/28/13


I am sitting in a pasture surrounded by alpacas, cows, and horses. The weather has been consistently cold with on and off drizzles. A deer came close last night but took off before a visual confirmation could be made. Will be out looking for sign later this morning. Think it may have been a doe.
In any case I haven’t posted any poetry lately. I am concentrating on book number three and most likely will publish in a few months.
However, my main focus is a narrative non-fiction true crime about a serial rapist/murderer. I am now at 300 pages and climbing. It is very complex. I have traced this guy back to age 14. He is now 42 with a list of crimes and convictions. The most recent was a death sentence for a horrific murder committed on Terra Ceia Island, Manatee County, FL…….. More to come.
I hope everyone had an excellent Christmas and are preparing for a great New Years.

Roxi St. Clair

Roxi is a poet and philosopher. She writes:

“Hailing from the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I attempt to reveal the core of what I observe and feel through writing. Writing has been a way for me to get away, my escape from reality. It is my voice. To me, it is a defining moment in time, forever captured, that can tell a thousand stories relived only through the verse. I am a dreamer, creator, risk taker. I love getting lost, having fun, being spontaneous, and writing down my thoughts.”

You can find her at:

Piyush Mishra

For those of you who wish to contact or be aware of someone involved in commodities investing (normally I do not show any connection to any site I deem commercial or has commercial ties but I felt this one interesting enough to do so) then this might be a site to look at. Please note that I am not supporting nor promoting. I am simply saying he has some interesting commentary on his site and some interesting links.

Stephen Page

Stephen Page has an interesting site. He offers “fiction, poetry, essays, and literary criticism.” He is the author of The Timbre of Sand and Still Dandelions. He holds two AA’s from Palomar College, a BA from Columbia University, and an MFA from Bennington College.

Good site to check out! Lots of links to travel down as well. I’ve placed his contact in the Blogroll, but am listing it below as well.