An interesting day!

Well, the day started out sleepy but did not remain so. We, my wife and I, were witnessed to three very strange incidents today. The first was spotting price tags attached to an object located under a sheer blouse on a woman at Khols. Obviously, one does normally remove price tags, and I told the checkout woman who I thought would check out (no pun intended) the woman with the tags, but nothing was done. The tag woman checked out and was given a bog for the items that she paid for and were visible. She then wandered over to a section with clothing items, and my bet is that she stole some other things.

The second thing that happened took place at a Walmart. One of the employees was out collecting carts. He must have had a hundred cards all connected to one of those little push tractors. Well the whole shebang got away from him and BAM right into a car leaving a nasty dent in the left rear panel. Now, did he go and report it? Chances are NO.

Third weird thing happened at the same Walmart. No, I have to ask you a question. Have you ever seen anyone trying on underwear in the middle of the store? We are talking female with a big butt taking down her drawers and trying on panties right there. I do have to give her credit because she was trying to hide behind a display. But, come on, I have never, ever seen someone do that.

And all that happened by 3PM. I have the rest of the day to see other strange things.

One response to “An interesting day!”

  1. Punchy, punchy, & punchy. Have you considered it? The professor enjoyed your writing. It seems you are very busy indeed! Along with a very creative mind.


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