Ifigeneia ….. Beautiful Shares

I received an email message about Cynthia Baker – Simple Pleasures. It came to me via WordPress from Ifigeneia. Cynthia Baker had a unique blog filled with simple treasures. She had a huge following and then one day she said goodbye. She removed all traces of herself from WordPress and face book and simply melted away like a soft cloud that was there one moment and then was gone the next. No one knows why. No one knows where she went. We all wish her well who loved her work and pray she is safe and well and will come back and visit her friends one day. But something tells me that is a wish that will not be granted. So, we have those who remember and who carry the torch of simple pleasures, of beautiful pictures, and words that sing to us. I’d like to introduce one such, the lady who wrote me about Cynthia: Ifigeneia.

Go there…. NO…. RUN THERE and see what she has to share:


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