Roxi St. Clair

Roxi is a poet and philosopher. She writes:

“Hailing from the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I attempt to reveal the core of what I observe and feel through writing. Writing has been a way for me to get away, my escape from reality. It is my voice. To me, it is a defining moment in time, forever captured, that can tell a thousand stories relived only through the verse. I am a dreamer, creator, risk taker. I love getting lost, having fun, being spontaneous, and writing down my thoughts.”

You can find her at:

Piyush Mishra

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Stephen Page

Stephen Page has an interesting site. He offers “fiction, poetry, essays, and literary criticism.” He is the author of The Timbre of Sand and Still Dandelions. He holds two AA’s from Palomar College, a BA from Columbia University, and an MFA from Bennington College.

Good site to check out! Lots of links to travel down as well. I’ve placed his contact in the Blogroll, but am listing it below as well.